Belisha Beacons

The Lumisphere® electronic conversion unit for belisha beacons (ECUB) represents a major technological advance to improve road safety with a sustainable long life light unit with a luminious output in excess of 850lumens’.

Specifications (All models)
Supply 230-250V 50Hz
Output 11.8V 32KHz, 60VA max
Lamp Type LAMP M32L, 12V 50W LED 32SMD LEDS 50MA Warm White
Enclosure Impact resistant uPVC
Bracket 2mm pressed, galvanised steel
Circuit Switched mode power supply derivative with inbuilt oscillation frequency of 32KHz, high voltage selected output devices.
Voltage transient suppression, AC filter networks. The unit in non-inherently short circuit protected by incorporation of electronic devices as defined by BS3535-2)xi). There is no electrical connection between input and output as defined by BS3535-2(ii). FS1 and FAV3 models include internal flasher electronics.


FSI-LED (Standard galleries) FAV3-LED (anti vandal gallery) UMS CODE 79-46-018-00-100
M32L-12v 50W LAMP
UMS CODE 79-46-050-00-100
NFS1 – Standard Gallery NFAV3 – Anti vandal gallery M32L12v 50W Lamp
UMSUG code 16 0050 1000 100

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