Large Harness Maintenance

Lumisphere’s large harness systems comprise of 3 elements, each of which can be replaced individually back to the cable.


The Globe can easily be replaced by pulling the Globe off the Lampholder and then pushing the new Globe back on, with the ‘O-rings’ providing the weatherproof seal.


If the LED should fail it can be simply replaced by removing the Globe, as above, and then pulling the LED off the Lampholder pins. The new LED can then be slid back onto the pins. (Note: Our Eco LEDs are polarity sensitive.)


When our large harness system uses a Xenon Lamp (X24) instead of an LED, the Lampholder contact pins have a different design. The Xenon lamp is ‘unhooked’ from the pins to replace and is reinserted in the same manner.


For Lampholder replacement, please contact us for guidance, and instructions can be issued.


Lumisphere’s Large and Small Harness festoon systems can be purchased in component form, if required, for self-assembly. In instances where irregular distances between light units are required, or on-site assembly of materials is required, e.g. signage, ceilings, fascias etc, this may preferable. On-site self-assembly tools can also be purchased – please ask the team for more details.