The Lumisphere® Lumi-Flex is a high quality, linear lighting system comprising a flat twin PVC insulated cable on which moulded light units are attached at pre-determined centres, providing flexible lighting for a variety of decorative purposes.

Available in xenon or LED.

Lumisphere® lumi-flex system complete with Cool White and Warm White LED modules.

Lampholder White UV stabilised Polycarbonate with a unique convex metalised Reflector on the base plane which enhances the forward illumination intensity. A range of further reflectors give further control of the light spread.
Light Sources 12 or 24V/AC nominal SELV
Lamps Xenon – 12 or 24 volt loop ended lamps clear or frosted, colours are available 5watt, 8.5watt and 10watt in 24volt (20.000r life) LED – loop ended 0.6watt Cool and Warm white only (50,00hr life)
Cable White Flat twin 2.0mm core PVC
sheathed 105 degree with distance
markings for self assembly.
Lamp Cover Clear or coloured Polycarbonate. Can only
be used with track or Lampholder clip
Transformers Lumisphere safety isolating steel cased
toroidal transformers (See transformer
literature for specifications
Power Supply Xenon systems
12 or 24 volt Lumisphere range of safety
isolating Electronic or toroidal
transformers LED System 12 volt DC
constant voltage LED drivers.

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