Multi Light

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Multi Light

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A high quality, fully weatherproof system comprising of a flat twin HPN insulated cable on which moulded light units are attached at predetermined centres providing flexible lighting for a variety of decorative purposes. The lights operate at extra low voltage for safety and efficiency. The system is particularly un-obtrusive when not in use. The extensive range of Lumisphere® weatherproof transformers which provide the power source enable the power to be correctly matched to the number of lights ensuring exceptionally long lamp life.

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Lamps: 12V – Wedge base 3W
12,000 hour average life
24V – Wedge base 3W
8,000 hour average life
Env Protection IP 68
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Electrical, Safety & Flammability Specifications
Lampholder: Black UV stabilised Nylon 66
Lamp cover: Dome shape UV Stabilised polycarbonate moulding, screw fit with a silicone rubber gasket. Colours available,
Clear, Red, Blue, Green and Amber.
Cable: Flat twin Black UV stabilised UL Style name: HPN UL File No. E94325 Heat resistance: 105 deg. C Voltage
Rating: 600V Insulating material: NEOPRENE HYPALON with 1.25mm² copper stranded conductors
Conformity: Lumisphere™ Multilight system has been tested by BSI and found to comply with the relevant sections of
BS EN 60598-2-2 1992 BS EN 60598-1 1003 for the classification IP68 dust/watertight – protected against submersion.
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The Lumisphere® Multi-light, Multi-LED and ECO LED Systems are designed for where a smaller more discrete harness is required, ideal for the illumination of young to medium size trees and building profiles. They are high quality fully weatherproof systems (IP68).

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If you would like to submit a query, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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