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Architectural Lighting

Lumisphere’s versatile lighting systems are used in many architectural lighting projects worldwide.

Our attractive, low energy and durable lighting systems are easily adapted to suit all kinds of structures. Our lights enhance the architectural qualities and features of buildings and have been in place for many years on some very well-known and iconic structures!

The discreet fixings and cables make our festoons unnoticeable both in daylight and at night, so not spoiling the beauty of the structures.

Our systems are low maintenance and robust, making them the perfect solution for where regular repairs and replacements would otherwise prove awkward and costly.

Bridge Lighting

Lumisphere’s lighting has high impact visually, but low energy and low maintenance; and so along with its weatherproof qualities, this makes it ideal for lighting up bridges.

London’s Albert Bridge, Chelsea Bridge, Hammersmith Bridge, and Churchill Bridge as well as Canada’s Montreal Bridge are just some of the iconic bridges we have been privileged to work on.

Marine Lighting

Our high quality and robust festoon lighting is the preferred choice for some of the world’s largest cruise liners; mainly used as ships dressing lights for celebrations and for coming into port to add that extra sparkle to these luxurious vessels!

Lumisphere marine lighting systems are pressure watertight; conforming to IP68, and are suitable for adverse conditions and areas of high humidity, including complete saturation in salt water.

They are made with high quality, non-corrosive and impact resistant materials suitable for long-term atmospheric exposure.

Seafront Lighting

As our products are suitable for adverse conditions, they are an ideal choice for lighting coastal promenades, seafronts, waterways and piers.

Our low voltage lighting systems have been designed to provide a safe, energy saving and attractive alternative to standard mains voltage festoon lighting.

Other than lamp replacement at long intervals, virtually no maintenance is required.

Lumisphere’s festoon lighting can be seen along many UK coastlines and piers including Brighton, Worthing, Portsmouth, Eastbourne, Felixstowe, Scarborough, Seahouses, Bridlington and the Isle of Wight to name but a few.

Tree Lighting

Lumisphere festoon lighting is the perfect choice for tree lighting. We offer various options to suit small and large trees; for both temporary or permanent tree installations.

As well as being used for festive tree lighting, our lights can be seen in trees in their full glory on London’s Southbank, Wembley, Wakehurst Place, White City and many other sites both in the UK and globally.

In addition to our traditional festoon lighting, our lights are also incorporated into our bespoke Tree Lanterns – see our Bespoke Designs for more details.

Festive Lighting

We are proud to see our lights used in many festive lighting displays year after year with very little or no maintenance required.

They are used for festive tree lighting, decorating streets and buildings; and also in more intricate designs.

Here are a few examples of some fantastic displays which include Lumisphere lighting.

Restaurants & Retail

Lumisphere lights are also ideal for celebrations or permanent lighting installations in many entertainment, restaurant and retail displays.

Whether it to be to create a party atmosphere, decorate a bar or outside eating area, or for signage or ceiling lights – our products can be adapted to suit a wide variety of interior or exterior projects.

If you have an idea for a lighting project and need any help or advice on how our lights can be used or adapted, please contact the Lumisphere Team who are on hand to assist you with your ideas!

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