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LUMISPHERE® Standard Festoon Systems

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The Lumisphere® system is pressure watertight confirming to IP68 and may be used in adverse conditions and in areas of high humidity including complete saturation in saline water, subject to the installation being in accordance with appropriate code and regulations.

The Lumisphere® patented low voltage festoon lighting system has been designed to provide a safe multipurpose energy saving system. It offers an attractive alternative to standard mains voltage festoon lighting which normally has inherently high maintenance and power costs.

X12 :

Manufactured to the same standards at the patented low voltage festoon system, we are pleased to announce the arrival of the Lumisphere® X12 White UV Stabilised lampholder and cable.

Suitable for use with the Lumisphere® Xenon or LED light sources, this unique lampholder available in white or black will give the versatility and durability that our clients expect from the Lumisphere range of products.

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Xenon X12

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Supply Lamps 12VAC SELV
12volt bi pin
5 watt Xenon
Average Lamp life 8,000hrs @ the design voltage
IP rating IP68
Globes G type or A type
Conformity BS EN 60958 CE,
UL Listed
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The Lumisphere® X12 Low Voltage System incorporates as
standard, a special 12v 5w Xenon Light Capsule with a light output
of 45 lumens and life expectancy in excess of 8,000 hours at the
design voltage of 11.2v. The Xenon Light Capsule is extremely
robust and has a universal burning position. Not affected by
vibration, it can be used in the roughest conditions i.e. trees,
swinging festoons, bridges etc. Having a colour temperature of
3000k gives an extremely bright luminance with very low power

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Xenon X24

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Supply Lamps 24VAC SELV

24volt rigid loop xenon

lamps available 5,

8.5 and 10 watts

Average Lamp life 20,000hrs @ the design voltage
IP rating IP68
Globes G type or A type
Conformity BS EN 60958 CE,

UL Listed

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The Lumisphere® X24 Low Voltage System incorporates 24 volt
Xenon Gas Filled Lamps of wattages of 5, 8.5 and 10w. These
lamps have an exceptionally long life expectancy of approximately
20,000 hours at the appropriate circuit design voltage and are also
extremely efficient with a colour temperature of 2700K. The X24
system is particulary suitable for permanent installation on buildings
and structures where access for lamp changing is difficult. The
lamps are multi position burning and resistant to vibration.

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If you would like to submit a query, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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