ECO LED Small Harness

The Lumisphere® Small Harness ECO LED System is designed for where a smaller more discrete harness is required, ideal for the illumination of young to medium size trees and building profiles. They are high quality fully weatherproof systems (IP68) comprising a flat twin HPN insulated cable with moulded light units attached at specified centres, providing a flexible lighting for a variety of decorative purposes. The systems are particularly un-obtrusive when not in use.

Built to your specification

Product Details
Supply 12VDC SELV
Light Source ECO LED 0.2w – Lumen output 35-45
Life Expectancy 50,000 Hours Expectancy
IP rating IP68 Rated
Warranty Three Year Warranty
Product Options
LED Colours Warm White (2700-3000k), Cool White (5000k), Red, Blue, Green, Amber, Purple
Globe Styles Dome cover or 45mm Round Clear Globe
Dome Cover Colours Clear, Blue, Red, Green and Amber

Data Sheets available upon request


Lumisphere’s Large and Small Harness festoon systems can be purchased in component form, if required, for self-assembly. In instances where irregular distances between light units are required, or on-site assembly of materials is required, e.g. signage, ceilings, fascias etc, this may preferable. On-site self-assembly tools can also be purchased – please ask the team for more details.

Optional Lampholder Accessories