Low Voltage Safety Isolating Lighting Transformer

The Lumisphere® range of patented weatherproof low voltage lighting transformers have been designed especially for use with the Lumisphere® festoon system. The high quality of construction and combination of many unique features make it an ideal choice for most low voltage single or multi-light applications, especially for use in adverse environmental conditions. Lumisphere® transformers have been independently tested to IEC/EN 61558 – 2 – 6 - 2009

Product Details
Voltage Input voltage: 230-250v, 50/60hz Output voltage: 12v Nominal for WP12 range 24v Nominal for WP24 range 10% under or overvoltage may appear in the supply, and the rated output of the transformer shall be selected accordingly – see chart in our brochure
Case Manufactured from polyimide PA6 glass filled Nylon, complete with marine grade 316 stainless steel brackets. Post clamps available for column mounting.
Winding High quality toroid winding is fully encapsulated in self-extinguishing grade rigid urethane resin with high electrical and mechanical properties and good resistance to thermal and mechanical shock. Insulation class B 130°C
Protection Isolation class 2, double insulated Low voltage protection – self resetting thermal cut out (120°C) incorporated into winding Mains voltage protection – Replaceable 20mm x 5mm cartridge fuse to IEC 60127-2 – 250VAC-300VDC. See transformer chart on page 17 of our brochure.
Terminal Box Standard 90mm x 90mm terminal box rated at IP55, can be upgraded to IP66. Entry Gland 6- 12mm diameter cables or multiple Lumisphere cables. Input and output terminal separated by insulating divider. Mains fused connector terminal block with wire protectors and replaceable fuse carrier. Low voltage output terminals 6mm x 25mm brass studs with copper clamping washer. See drawing on page 17 of our brochure.
Environmental Working Conditions Lumisphere® transformers are suitable for use in adverse environmental conditions, i.e. damp, saline, or dusty conditions and can be mounted in exposed positions where severe weather conditions may occur.
Temperature Ambient temperature range -25°C to 40°C with free air circulation around the transformer. Maximum temperature rise 50°C – maximum case temperature 90°C.

Data Sheets available upon request