SSUs (Simultaneous Switching Unit)

The SSU-8A is a high quality, solid state switching device that can be used to control multiple loads simultaneously from one switching point. The device operates using the low voltage signal from the end of a lighting loom to switch the mains power to the next transformer in turn. The advanced electronic control utilises zero-volt switching techniques to minimise the surge load on mains feed at switch, maintaining complete isolation from the low voltage supply. The major advantage of using the SSU units in place of multiple time-clocks is that all interconnected circuits, irrespective of phase will be switched simultaneously from one time / photocell control, eliminating the need for multiple clock adjustments and manual synchronisation. The unit is housed in a tough, impact resistant polycarbonate enclosure with high quality cable glands and environmental protection to IP65, complete with post/wall mounting bracket for strap fixing to columns.

Product Details
Supply 220/240V AC (50Hz)
Load 8A inductive max. (1900W)
Switch Sense 9 to 27V AC, 20mA load
Zero Switching ±34V max.
Ambient Temp. Maintains BS3535 (4kV) isolation. Switch line to mains supply.
Isolation 40°C max
Enclosure Impact/temperature resistant polycarbonate
Environmental Protection IP65
Mounting bracket Column and wall

Data Sheets available upon request